Due to the growing need for electrochemical energy storage solutions significant efforts are being undertaken to develop post-Lithium technologies. The venerable Zinc battery technologies, most prominently Zinc/air, came back into focus in the recent years with a renewed interest due to their advantages in terms of high specific energy, low costs, good safety records, absence of critical raw materials, etc. However, due to the drawback of a low cycle life, electrically rechargeable Zinc/air batteries have not yet found their way to the market. In order to support further developments of the Zinc/air battery technology, this international workshop will bring together industry and academia.

This conference will aim at determining the state-of-the-art of the technology at an international level and at discussing promising R&D pathways for the technical improvement of these batteries.

This third edition will be also open for the first time to other Zinc-based battery technologie: (Zn-ion, NiZn, Zn-MnO2, Zn redox-flow, etc.).

This third International Zinc/Air Battery Workshop (3rd IZABW) is organized in the framework of the M-ERA-Net project Zinc-Air Battery for Stationary Electricity Storage – ZABSES.